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Service Inheritance in AngularJS using ES6

One of the things that I’ve found is that my Angular services tend to have a lot of duplicate logic in them. The biggest culprit is HTTP calls for CRUD operations. Whether I’m using Restangular, ngResource, or plain ole’ $http, this has been a constant source of un-DRYing in my code. Let’s take a look at using ECMAScript 6’s class […]


Delaying the $digest() cycle in AngularJS

When scaling an AngularJS app, large data sets can cause the $digest() cycle to run slowly. There are a number of performance optimizations you can make, such as┬ábeing careful with $watch() and $filter(), using one-time binding, or hunting down expensive operations with Batarang.┬áBut sometimes, even with these improvements, an app with a lot of data can feel sluggish due to […]