Local Kudos

Local Kudos

Work:  Business
Created:  September 2, 2013

SaaS startup developing unique tools to augment and simplify Internet Marketing. Focus on web apps to assist with Local, Organic, and Mobile Search Engine Optimization. Integration with Pay-Per-Click and Social Media campaigns.

My role in Local Kudos was primarily on the business side. After a year and a half of working like a crazy person, I had been unable to find a technical co-founder with character, competence, and an entrepreneurial spirit. So, I shelved the venture, which was quite humbling. Local Kudos’ failure taught me that coding is fast becoming the new literacy. I realized that if I wanted to be a tech entrepreneur, I needed to respect the craft of software, and not simply expect a co-founder or contractor to bring my ideas to life. So, I faced my fear of code and joined GradesFirst to forge my skills as a developer.

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