Ponder Your Path

Ponder Your Path

Work:  Ruby on Rails
Created:  September 8, 2013

Link:  http://www.ponderyourpath.com

Displays aphorisms in compelling ways. My first responsive project, it incorporates minimalistic design with a modern toolset.

I like to write about life, and my favorite type of literature is short, pithy statements. Basically, I wrote this app to scratch my own itch. I felt like Twitter was cool for short phrases, but the fact that it piles all your tweets up on top of each other means that people tend to skim them. I wanted the reader to only be able to see a single thought at a time, thus removing visual distraction due to clutter. The beauty with proverbs is their brevity, but that very thing is also their weakness – because they can be misunderstood. So, I wanted to sometimes be able to elaborate on an aphorism with further thoughts, but I wanted these to be hidden from the reader unless they wanted to read them, so, I tucked these thoughts below the fold and created a indicator that would appear if there was more to be seen.

Powered by Rails 4, Ruby 2, CoffeeScript, HTML5, CSS3, and PostgreSQL. All the animations are done using CSS rather than jQuery.

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